Hi, I'm Bülent. I'm a designer and I love working with teams who build amazing products

A Book Review App for busy individuals. I designed the iOS App and a Landing Page. Please ask for a password to see case study.
A San Francisco based commercial real estate broker helping tech companies search and find an office space using its data-driven platform.
Missive iOS App
Missive is a wishlist app for iOS making gift exchange a simple and more efficient.
Galatasaray FC Website
Complete redesign of the corporate and fan-based websites for Galatasaray FC, one of the largest football clubs in Turkey with millions supporters.
A bunch of office illustrations I did for a real-estate project
Founder's FAQ
A landing page design for Founder's FAQ, a book by Bot Analytics Founder Ilker Koksal.
Nike E-Commerce App
A concept e-commerce app I made for Nike
Workbuk is a mobile platform which allows creatives all over the world to easily create a custom portfolio app without developing any code.
Tower Bridge London
Part of an illustration series covering historical landmarks from cities around the world.
Hug Life Society
I designed the website for Hug Life Society as part of a social impact project sponsored by Kolektif Labs.
Let's Buy
Brand Identity project for a messenger marketing platform for Shopify, world's largest e-commerce platform.
BMW Book a Ride Interface
A concept design for BMW aiming to make booking a ride easy and simple.
Stock Trading App
An actual design I made for a discontinued stock trading app for iOS
Photography Portfolio
A portfolio site I made for a photographer friend.
Hublot Product Detail Page
One of my all-time favorites. A concept design I wish I'd done for Hublot.
Login Screens
A simplified take on login screens.
Hyperlapse App Icon Design
My take on the Hyperlapse App Icon. This was when gradients started to become real popular.
Blue Bottle Coffee App Check Out Process
Blue Bottle Coffee Mobile App Check Out Process as part of the Daily UI Challenge. UI #002
iOS Calculator App
My take on a calculator app for iOS. A personal project to familiarize myself with Xcode and Swift programming.
iOS App Icon
iOS App icon design
MacOS App Icon
MacOS App Icon V