Bulent Keles

Multi-Disciplinary Designer

UX Design Immersive General Assembly, San Francisco

Completed a three month intensive UX program which helped me understand the importance of users and rapidly testing new ideas in today’s fast moving workplace.


Management Information Systems, Boston University

Concentrated in Information Systems, a program focused on understanding and using data systems to assists the decision making process in modern business environments.

Istanbul, Turkey

Design Lead, Accenture

2019 - Present
Future Mobility


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Accenture is a multinational professional services company working with 90% of Fortune 100 companies. I’m currently leading design at Accenture and building next-gen products and solutions for our clients.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Building an effective design team
  • Assisting and empowering team members
  • Establishing agile design practices
  • Creating an organizational design culture
  • Creating design concepts to assist team
  • Working with engineers for better collaboration
  • Designing end-to-end solutions
  • Taking part in client engagements
  • Establishing design standards for team
  • Developing and contributing to design systems
  • Overseeing day-to-day design efforts
  • Providing vision and roadmap for the design team
United States (Remote)

Freelance Designer, Startups

2017 - Present


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Supersapiens, Sum Labs, Missive, HelloOffice


I’ve been freelancing with Silicon Valley startups for the past five years. Among those startups, I’ve been able to work with companies aiming to enhance commercial real estate, healthy living, athlete performance, publishing, and more. I highly enjoy working with startups from different industries and creative variety.

Key Responsibilities:

  • User behavior analysis
  • User persona creation
  • Creating graphics & interactions
  • Developing advanced wireframes
  • Building prototypes and testing hypotheses
  • Building new brands for new products
  • Mapping out user flows and site structures
  • Creating marketing material
  • Establishing visual design guidelines
  • Creating and delivering consistent iconography
  • Presenting to product teams
  • Understanding product requirements
  • Testing product-market fit
  • Communicating with engineers for better workflows
  • Developing and contributing to the design system
Istanbul, Turkey

UI/UX Designer, Kolektif Labs

2017 - 2017
Social Impact


iOS App Website Design Responsive Design Presentation Design Clickable Protoypes Wireframes Branding Logo Design Design Process


Kolektif Labs is a design studio based in Istanbul serving clients from various industries. I worked on several projects in sports, finance, and technology.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Creating end-to-end designs for client projects
  • Developing concept designs to support sales
  • Designing wireframes and prototypes for testing
  • Conducting client presentations
  • Developing & communicating internal design processes
  • Working with third parties to discover data requirements
  • Organizing and delivering investor pitches
  • Collaborating with clients to understand user needs
Istanbul, Turkey

UI/UX Designer, InnovationBox

2016 - 2017


iOS App Website Design Responsive Design Presentation Design Event Design Logo Design Design Process


InnovationBox is a mobile product studio based in Istanbul, best known for its popular utility apps. I created graphics to support sales and worked on several web projetcs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designing wireframes and prototypes
  • Preparing for RFPs
  • Creating graphics to support sales
  • Developing client presentations
  • Establishing design standards
  • Developing internal design process
  • Collaborating with client teams to understand needs
Istanbul, Turkey

Head of Product, Valensas

2012 - 2016


Product Design Mac App Design iOS App Website Design Responsive Design Presentation Design Wireframes Branding Logo Design


Valensas is an enterprise mobility and product company with a track record of successfully delivering countless apps to clients in finance, aviation, publishing and more. I was in charge of in-house products and testing for product-market fit. I also designed product experiences and worked closely with clients for continuous iteration.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designing product experiences
  • Gathering user requirements
  • Analysing user data
  • Designing wireframes and POCs
  • Designing marketing materials
  • Collaborating with engineers about product roadmap
  • Developing support systems
  • Planning product strategy and roadmap
  • Product Design of Workbuk
  • Product Design of Veacon
  • Product Design of VDP
  • Organizing product launches
  • Understanding user needs
  • Managing client engagemments
  • Organizing and delivering investor pitches
  • Managing entire product roadmap
Istanbul, Turkey

Brand Manager, Grey

2010 - 2012

Deliverables: (Ad Campaigns)

Nike HSBC Chevrolet IKEA Allianz Turkish Airlines Vodafone


Part of WPP, Grey Worldwide with offices in 94 countries ranks among largest global advertising companies in the world. Holds long-standing reputation for launching and building many of the world’s leading brands.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Developed digital brand strategies for clients.
  • Acted as liaison between creative, technical and client teams.
  • Represented agency as a member of various industry associations.
  • Submitted articles and reports on current issues and challenges.
  • Developed brand communications and strategy for clients.
  • Made sure campaign was executed well, on time andon budget.
  • Created consumer reports and trend presentations for clients.
  • Helped build in-house digital marketing team.

Native Turkish


Turkish is my native tongue but there's always room to learn ;)

Fluent English


I'm fluent in English. Score is based on Duolingo English Tests.

Beginner German


I'm learning German. Score is based on Duolingo Deutsch Tests.

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