Who am I?

I'm a multidisciplinary designer with a passion in graphic and software design. I'm currently designing product experiences, full-time at Accenture and working side gigs with tech startups in silicon valley


My process consists of several steps. Simply put; I try to understand the problem or goal, ideate on possible solutions and finally submit my solution for validation and testing. For continous improvement, I go back and run through each step again until goals are met.


Design tasks come in many forms and stages. What's common is the need to understand what and who we're designing for. I ask many questions to understand the organization, users, goals, problems, pain points, success criterias, competition and more.


I analyze my findings start ideating around basic concepts without limiting myself. I try to sketch out ideas and various solutions. When possible I draft a circulation among team members or stakeholders for design and technical review. I develop a prototype for further validation.


I test my assumptions by presenting to the client directly or test with actual users to collect key insights and user expecations. Based on the feedback I get I try to constantly iterate on my solution and improve my proposed solution.


Questions I get asked a lot, especially at job interviews

Can you do a case study for us?
Absolutely not. Next question!
How do I know you're the right designer for us?
I take great pride in saying that I've turned down more work than I've accepted. Tell me honestly what you want to build and I'll openly tell you if I can help you or not.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Same place I am today; alive and well, energetic and happy, with my family and always crafting.
What's your T-shape?
I'm a visual person and my strong suit is definitely visual design. I really enjoy creating graphics and working with visuals to communicate. I also feel highly confident in understanding human motivations, wireframing concepts and testing ideas through prototypes.
What's a strong skill you have?
Empathy and Adapting to the new.
What do you suck at?
Keeping in touch with friends, math & science, daily workout, reading books.
What are you good at?
Human interactions, design, tech, sports, communication, learning, working, conversation.
How do you deal with imposter syndrome?
I'm well aware that it's there and I'm trying to make the best of it. I'm therefore a perfectionist, working with utmost precision, making sure my work caters to expectations. Also, knowing that every maker is going through the same feeling is a relief.
How do you motivate yourself?
Comedy, Music, Family, Food, Outdoors, Design.
How do you find inspiration?
Album Covers, Space, History, Isolation, Nature.
Any Hobbies
I love food, outdoors, coffee & chocolate. Also love hanging out with friends.